libFM: Factorization Machine Library

Author: Steffen Rendle

Factorization machines (FM) are a generic approach that allows to mimic most factorization models by feature engineering. This way, factorization machines combine the generality of feature engineering with the superiority of factorization models in estimating interactions between categorical variables of large domain. libFM is a software implementation for factorization machines that features stochastic gradient descent (SGD) and alternating least squares (ALS) optimization as well as Bayesian inference using Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC).

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Please see the libFM 1.4.2 manual for details about how to use libFM. This manual is also included in the tar.gz archive of the source code.


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Factorization Machines have been introduced in [ICDM 2010]. The alternating least-squares (ALS) optimization for regression tasks has been proposed in [SIGIR 2011], MCMC inference in [NIPS-WS 2011] and adaptive SGD in [WSDM 2012]. An overview of all these approaches and extensions for classification and grouping is described in [TIST 2012]. Fast computation of design matrices with block structure is proposed in [VLDB 2013]

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